“We are moving to Ireland next week, so Patrick won’t be seeing Jodie any longer. Jodie has been a rock and inspirational partner over the past several years. We owe her so much and feel honored to have worked with her. What a star!!!!” – T.C.

“At the age of eight, I brought my son to Timber Ridge Pediatric Therapy to learn techniques for dealing with Sensory Integration and weak motor skills. A difficult diagnosis to deal with on a daily basis for both my son and for me, our OT helped us learn ways to incorporate new textures, new experiences and movements into the daily routine in an extremely hands on approach that has enabled Gavi to grow in confidence and ability still to this day, 7 years later! I highly recommend Timber Ridge Pediatric Therapy!!”- S.K.

You have an amazing gift of ‘getting’ kids and your reputation is wonderful.  When a friend calls me and needs a referral your name is always on top of the list”  -M.B.

“Thank you for all your hard work and in helping my daughter to be her best!” -S.R.

“Thank you so much!  I thought the evaluation was great, and your report summarizes everything very clearly.  We look forward to getting started!” – J.R.

“Timber Ridge Pediatric Therapy has worked with my son for many years as he deals daily with sensory processing issues.  Our OT came into our life at a time when we were struggling without a thought as to how to stay a float.  We understood nothing about what our son was dealing with and even less about how to help him.  The things I knew to help were all instinctual and I didn’t understand the science behind how it helped.  Our OT provided so much education as to what Jaxon’s struggles were and so much information about how to help him.  The methods introduced to us were easy to understand and applicable.  What we’ve noticed over the years is that overall, she knows our son so well that the continuity it provides built such a stable foundation that allows our son (as well as ourselves) to feel safe to express our feelings and thoughts as well as to openly communicate in all areas.  The support that I feel as a mom is gravely necessary.  There is not one person in my usual support circle (family & friends) that understand what my son goes through and what we as a family do to provide normalcy in his life like Our OT.  To me, that goes beyond the job description of what an occupational therapist does.  We are grateful for it all and especially grateful for Timber Ridge Pediatric Therapy” – R.A.

“My son has been in therapy for more than 5 years—so I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of different therapists.  Timber Ridge Pediatric Therapy was the first clinic who took the time to call me and hear my son’s “story” before the OT ever met us.  I have no doubt that acquiring this information upfront gave us a head start and made her therapy sessions more effective from the beginning.  Even more, she was the only therapist I’d met who seemed as serious about helping my son in ways that were meaningful to him. For example, she understands that a lot of school-aged boys develop their relationships while playing catch.  And that’s why one of her first goals for my son was learning how to throw and catch a ball. I know that many occupational therapists can teach a kid to throw.  But our OT ability to set goals that would increase my son’s self-confidence as well as his core strength is extraordinary—her keen intuition is unrivaled.”  WGM

Our experience at Timber Ridge has been wonderful; it’s a place that cares about children and celebrates their individuality.  From the moment we came in, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming.  The evaluation process was clear, fun and focused.  The goals for my son were clearly communicated, and our therapist has helped us to meet them with a mix of empathy, humor, and creativity.  Every week my son is given a variety of engaging choices to help him develop.  We look forward to going, and, as a result, I have seen improvements in his strength, fine motor skills, and, most importantly, his confidence.  We are happy to be there!”  -MS

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done to help Trey.  You always went out of your way to accomodate him and he absolutely adores you.  The change we saw in him over the course of a year was incredible.  After recieveing therapy from you we can barely tell he has sensory issues.  You knew exactly how to address his fears and issues and now he is incredibly happy and care free.  He does not have the same problems in school that could be mistaken for behavioral problems…he is an angel all day long because you taught him how to handle his body in the space around him.  We are happy that he is doing so well.  I think all kids would benefit from a little OT!  Thanks again for helping our little boy.  We are all so thrilled at the progress he made with you.  You’re wonderful, and I would recommend you to anyone I know who has a child needing OT.  -CM

Timber Ridge has been a phenomenal resource for our family. The level of care and communication is extraordinary. The therapists are experts in their field and really get to know the whole child. I especially appreciate their availability to speak with parent at any time as we partner together with teachers to develop the best strategies for our child. The multitude of services (speech, O.T., P.T., counseling,) available under one roof makes care and treatment convenient and cohesive. I would happily recommend Timber Ridge again and again. – M.M.

My son Eli was diagnosed with low muscle tone when he was about three years old. He participated in physical therapy for nearly a year, then moved on to occupational therapy with Timber Ridge Pediatric Therapy to focus on his fine motor skills and continue working on core strength. Eli has made major strides working with these wonderful OTs and I know that this early intervention will greatly help him when he enters kindergarten in the fall. I have been impressed with my OTs positive energy that helps my son get excited about getting stronger and improving his technique. They have a sweet, encouraging way of working with children and are very creative with  adapting each week’s therapy to my child’s interests.  – S.S.